Have you ever had monkeys in your life since you have been with your loved one? Just thinking about it, we have!

Now the school holidays are over we had some time to visit various attractions in the local area. Having a special discounted ticket from Trentham Monkey Forest also available to our guests, we used it for our visit. Whilst having a coffee in the lovely cafe we realised it was 35 years ago that we met in France and Joseph took me to Trentham’s Monkey Forest, sister park” La Montagne des Singes” in Kintzheim in Alsace for our first date! How romantic.

The three degrees! Mum Grandma & baby

Trentham Monkey Forest  is a lovely place to stroll around hand in hand and enjoy watching the Barbary Macaques being families, looking after their babies, being very sociable. We watched them being fed and some families having a screeching session  if one overstepped their boundaries into another family’s territory. They were soon put in their place by the very knowledgable guides, always on hand to offer advice. There is a VIP experience called “Breakfast with the Monkeys” which  you can purchase, a unique opportunity to get up close to the Monkeys  with a guide and give them breakfast.
The drive from Heywood Hall to Monkey Forest is only 20 minutes, and Trentham Gardens and Aerial Extreme are nearby , so you can visit three amazing attractions without the having to get  back in the car.

35 years is it that long !

Happy anniversary !