Staffordshire has a whole host of scary activities during the second half of October. Is it the fact that we live in a wooded part of the countryside with Yew trees and old buildings, which naturally create a spooky atmosphere in the heart of the Churnet Valley? Or do we just like to scare ourselves silly because it is the nights are drawing in and Halloween is approaching..

However you feel, there are many events going on within half an hour’s drive from Heywood Hall.

1.Scarefest at Alton Towers, only 10 minutes drive from Heywood Hall. On 15th and 16th and 21st to 31st October. It certainly aims to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and possibly your eyebrows if you were really spooked! The paths are lit with pumpkins.

2. Screamfest at The National Forest Adventure Farm at Tatenhill, Burton on Trent DE13 9SJ, only half and hour drive from Heywood Hall . on 13th,14th,15th and 20th to 31st October . Their programme consists of : Scary goings on in the Maize Maze : Children of The Corn . Using the light of a feeble torch you follow a gigantic corn maze .Here you encounter childhood nightmares become reality. Night Bringer: chilling tales about bodies being brought out of the earth Screamfest: A Halloween circus of freaks crazy clown antics frightful freaks and terrorising terrors Soul Seekers . Get involved at the Hatton Grand Hotel abandoned since the 1930’s to see what actually happened to all the residents who were so brutally murdered . A paranormal experience guaranteed to make you jump out of your bath or skin depending on who or what you see first . This brings back spine chilling memories of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”!  and last (but by no means least or less scary), Love Hurts : Professor scream and his speed dating may lead you to regret you ever joined! Prepare to be rejected and wishing you had never wanted to meet that someone special!  All that scariness makes you hungry and thirsty with the adrenalin pumping round your body, you are bound to need something to eat and drink! There are food outlets  at the farm.

So you have two fantastic choices of scary places to visit or why not take a walk along the disused railway line adjacent to Heywood hall? Take your torches and listen to the wind rustling in the trees, you never know what might be waiting for you along the dark path on the way to Alton …!