January for us is a busy month, sorting things out in the garden I didn’t have time to do in the Autumn, sweeping up more leaves ( I don’t know where they keep coming from!) and feeding the birds. We have put out many more bird feeders this season, prompted by a very  entertaining talk on garden birds in Denstone by David Tideswell. The bird feeders have increased the population of small birds to the garden, and although it is cold, they sing morning and evening and the robin hovers over the spade when I am digging! It makes me feel much better! I have my Pilates room overlooking the garden and the clients can feel calm and connected to the world whilst doing some stretching!

The Churnet valley runs alongside Heywood Hall via the disused railway line. It is teaming with birds and wildlife. The pheasants – bred on adjacent  JCB land are abundant and fly into the sky when the dog comes along to say hello . The Kingfisher zips by leaving their colourful streaks in your imagination. Ducks waddle along the river bank and soon we will hear the wood peckers hammering out their nests in the trees. The rabbits race each other to the safety of their burrow.
Almost at Alton, I can just make out the  wooden structure of the new ride “Wicker Man” being built for this season at Alton Towers.

Sitting by the wood-burner, with the dog asleep after a great walk. I am enjoying January, and we hope you are too.

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The “Wickerman” being built

Willow Warbler